How do I bypass Preamps on Symphony Desktop / use External Preamps?

Symphony Desktop can receive input signals from the following sources:

  • microphones
  • instruments
  • line-level outboard gear

There are a few common reasons why one would bypass the mic preamps in Symphony Desktop:

  1. user already has a mic connected through an external preamp
  2. user is using line-level outboard gear that does not require preamplification

In order to bypass the built-in preamps in Symphony Desktop, the "Analog Level" of inputs should be set to either "+4 dBu" or "-10 dBV", and connect input using XLR connector.

Here's how you can change the "Analog Level" using Symphony Desktop's Touch Screen Display:

      1. Select the analog input channel from the Home view.

Symphony Desktop

      2. Click the box below "ANALOG LEVEL".

Symphony Desktop Analog IN

      3. Select either "+4 dBu" or "-10 dBV".

Symphony Desktop Line in

Below is a video showing how it's done: