Export Audio from MetaRecorder

Audio recorded in MetaRecorder can be exported in several ways:

  • Via email
  • To a linked Dropbox account
  • Using iTunes on your Mac or PC computer
  • Via Airdrop or to an "other" app using the iOS share sheet

To Export via email or Dropbox: 

  1. Go to the Scene Menu


2. Choose "Select"


3. Check the scene(s) you want to export


4. Touch the export icon


5. Choose "Export via Dropbox" or "Export via Email"



To Export via Finder on your Mac or PC

Check Apple's guide on syncing files between your iOS device and your computer:


Once your iOS device is connected, you'll just need to navigate to Files, then select MetaRecorder to drag the files onto your computer. 

    For Windows, follow this guide: