Ensemble FireWire Maestro 2 Input Tab Window

Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 3.39.06 PM

1. Analog Level - Use this menu to select the analog input format and nominal reference level for each channel. The choices are +4dBu, -10dBV, and Mic for Channels 1-4, and +4dBu, -10dBV for Channels 5-8.

2. Soft Limit - Use this menu to engage Soft Limit. Soft Limit is Apogeeʼs proprietary analog process for taming transients before A/D conversion. By gently rounding transients in a transparent manner, itʼs possible to maximize level BEFORE the A/D conversion stage. Soft Limit is most effective with signals with large transients such as drums, percussion and plucked instruments. Soft Limit may not be the appropriate choice for signals such as bass or organ.

3. Input Level - When the Analog Level is set to Mic, the mic pre gain of each input is controlled with this soft- ware knob. The gain level is indicated in the value box below the knob and ranges from +10dB to +75dB.

4. Analog/Digital Input Meters - These meters display the level of the analog input after A/D conversion and the level of the digital inputs.

5. Group - The gain control of two or more mic pres may be linked by selecting the same group number in this drop down list on each channel you wish to group. Any gain offset present when channels are initially grouped is maintained after grouping.

6. Phase - Engage this button to invert the polarity of the input signal. Under certain circumstances, when two mics are used on one source, inverting the polarity of one mic may result in a fuller sound. For example, when top and bottom mic’ing a snare drum, a fuller sound is obtained when the polarity of the bottom mic is re- versed.

7. 48 V / Phantom Power - Engage this button for 48 volts phantom power on the XLR connections. Condenser mics require phantom power to operate.