Distorted Audio Output After Updating Duet 3 Firmware

You may experience some audio distortion after updating Duet 3 firmware. This is due to a mismatch of settings between the system and hardware, but it can be easily fixed!

Fix 1:

Perform a sample rate switch within Apogee Control 2.

For example, if you are on 44.1kHz, switch to 48kHz and then back to 44.1kHz.

Sample Rate Duet 3

Sample Rate Change Duet 3

Swapping the sample rate should clear up any of the distortion you are experiencing.


Fix 2:

Unplug the Duet 3 from your system and replug it in after 10 seconds.


Fix 3 (Windows 10 only):

Go to Windows Settings > System > Sound and select Speakers (Apogee Duet 3) as your output device.

Next, go to Device Properties > Related Settings (Right Side of Window) > Additional Device Properties

In Properties > Advanced > Default Format, change from whatever your current setting is to another one and then back, clicking apply in between each change to make sure the change is saved.

Duet 3 Sample Rate Windows

Duet 3 Sample Rate Windows 2