Connecting Jam+, MiC+, HypeMiC to various devices - What are all these cables for?

Jam+, MiC+, and HypeMiC are Apogee's latest pocket-sized USB mic or instrument input units that are jam-packed with cool features like built-in overdrive (Jam+), or analog compression (HypeMiC).

Each unit comes with various accessories, but there are three common cables that allow them to connect to various host devices like iPhone, iPad, Mac, and PC.

In this article, we'll show you what they are, and what they connect to, plus a quick note on 3rd party cables.

The three cables included in the box are:

Below is a closer look at each connector:

Micro-B to USB-A* cable connects to various Macs and PCs that have USB-A ports.
Micro-B to USB-C cable connects to various iPad Pro's, Macs, PCs that have USB-C port.
Micro-B to Lightning cable connects to various iPhones and iPads that have Lightning connectors.

*You can use this cable to connect to USB-A port on USB-C Digital AV Multiport Kit or Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter.

Most 3rd party cables can be used to connect Jam+, MiC+, HypeMiC to host devices, but some 3rd party cables (i.e., charging cables) does not allow USB devices to communicate with the host devices.

If your Jam+, MiC+ or HypeMiC displays blue LED, but is not found anywhere in the host device as  an audio device, it's possible that your cable is one that does not transfer data.
Please try using the original cable that came with your unit, or any other replacement cable that you may have.

For more information on the cable connectors, and to check out the source of the awesome graphics  of connectors above, please check out this article written by Tyler on The Digital Hype: