Can you repair my older Apogee gear?

Apogee is able to provide repair services for all of our current products.

For discontinued Legacy Products, see the following list:

Apogee still services the following products. In some cases, the unit may not be fixable due to lack of specific parts and/or labor costs: 

  • AD-16x
  • DA-16x
  • x-option cards (x-firewire, x-symphony, x-hd, x-video)
  • Rosetta 200
  • Rosetta 800
  • Big Ben
  • Duet Firewire
  • Ensemble Firewire

*Apogee can no longer service the following due to discontinuation of component parts or substitutes by the supplier, excessive labor costs, etc.

  • AD-8000 (all variants)
  • Trak2
  • Ambus cards
  • PSX-100
  • Rosetta AD
  • AD-16 (non-x units)
  • DA-16 (non-x units)
  • Symphony 64 PCIe
  • Symphony 32 PCIe
  • Symphony 32 PCIe
  • MINI products (MINI-ME, MINI-DAC, MINI-MP)
  • All products made before 1999

If you would like to upgrade your Apogee product, please contact our Sales Department. In some instances there may be an upgrade path:

*If your Apogee product has sentimental value or you are attached to the "sound", please contact our Support Department and we will do our best to help you: