Can I use a USB Battery/Power Bank with my One?

The One for iPad/Mac and Duet iPad/Mac make great portable recording solutions, however a common question is how to completely free yourself from AC power, plugging into the wall.

If you have a laptop computer this is pretty easy, as the laptop's battery will keep the whole system on, and the One or Duet will power off the laptop.

But, things get a bit more complicated when you want to use your iPad or iPad, which do not have enough power to run the One/Duet.  So you have to have a power source connected to the round AC power port on these devices.

*NOTE - this applies to Lightning port iOS devices.  USB-C iPad Pro has much more power and can power One and Duet without additional power.


You can use a USB-to-4mm DC power cable to send power from your USB Power bank, or a portable battery to the One/Duet, leaving the USB port open for your computer/iPad.

Here is one example, but you can also search "USB to 4.0mm DC" in your local stores.


As you see, this allows you to use the round AC power port to a USB power bank!

Make sure you use a high power USB power bank, with a 3Amp output.  Lower power banks with regular 1Amp outputs may not power these devices.

Here is one example, but of course there are many more available.

Finally, if you are thinking "but my power runs out so fast on this power bank!" there is another option.  If you need a very long life solution, such as for your camping trip, you can even purchase large portable battery options that can charge laptops, and will keep your whole system running longer and able to last.

These larger portable camping batteries are more expensive, but have regular AC ports so you can use the Power Supply that comes with your One/Duet, rather than the adapter cable above, and many you can even buy a solar panel system for!  Here is one example, but feel free to check around for the best one for your budget and needs.