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"Bus Error" when using Symphony64 PCI card or Symphony64|ThunderBridge

Bus Error is a message that will appear in the Apogee Maestro 2 window under the System Status section. This is typically a communication issue between the connected device, and the Symphony64 or Symphony64|Thunderbridge.

This can be caused by several things:

  1. A common cause for this is that the port setting in Audio MIDI Setup (ApplicationsUtilities) is set to Ports 1-2, when only one port is actually being used.

  2. A bad PC32 cable (DigiLink)

  3. If using a Symphony I/O, the AIM setting could be incorrectly set to “USB Audio”, “Standalone”, or “Pro Tools HD”, instead of the “Symphony” setting.

  4. Connecting a single device to Port 2 (33-64), instead of Port 1 (1-32)

If only one device is connected and you are receiving the Bus Error message in the system status window in Maestro, please revert back to the Port 1 (32 channels) setting in Audio MIDI Setup. You may need to reboot your computer for the new setting to take place. Secondly, ensure by pressing and holding the right-hand encoder knob on the front panel of SymphonyIO, you are in fact in “Symphony” mode.