How to Switch Between Optical and AES for the 8x8 Symphony module (Mk1 and MkII) and Connect 8x8MP.

As this process is entirely tied to the module itself, this will work for both the Original 8x8 module and the 8x8mkII module, along with the Connect-8x8MP module.


To switch between Optical and AES digital audio on an 8x8 or Connect-8x8MP module:

  1. Power off the Symphony I/O.
  2. Plug your desired connection cables into the Symphony I/O
  3. Toggle the DIG I/O button to the desired position (For AES, push the button down - for Optical, push the button again to bring it back up.)
  4. Power on the Symphony I/O and reconnect the Thunderbolt cable.

As tempting as it is to simply press the button, power cycling (turning on & off) is required for this process to work properly.

All cable connections should be made with the unit off, to avoid potential noise from coming through your monitors. 

For more information on the 8x8 Module, and all other aspects of the Symphony IO mkI & mkII, check out their respective manuals here: