00.00 displayed on AD/DA-16X Converters

Symptom: AD/DA-16x displays 00.00 and is not operational.

Solution: The "00.00" on the 16X can occur by inadvertently entering update mode by pressing PREV and NEXT or a failed firmware update attempt. To recover requires a removable EPROM. Apogee Support can arrange for you to order a replacement EPROM directly from Apogee with instructions on its installation. Use the EPROM labeled E33 in the AD16X Use the EPROM labeled 932 in the DA16X

To replace the EPROM:

  1. Unplug the host unit and remove the top cover.
  2. Locate the EPROM U9
  3. Locate the semi-circular notch at one end of U9, and note its orientation.
  4. Carefully remove the EPROM by gently prying each end of the chip until it may be easily removed by hand. Take care not to damage the circuit board.
  5. Gently place the new EPROM on top of the socket, taking care to correctly orient the semi-circular notch.
  6. After verifying that all the EPROM’s legs are correctly inserted, firmly press the EPROM into the socket.
  7. Hold the PREV button while turning the power on.
  8. Display should read 203 for the AD-16X and 207 for the DA-16X.
  9. Turn power off.

Please note that these EPROM’s are re-programmable; return of old EPROM’s to Apogee is appreciated.