Duet 2 DC Power supply

Duet is easily powered by any available USB port on your Mac in most applications. However, there may be scenarios where connecting the external AC power adaptor is preferred or required. There are two factors contributing to increased power consumption: • Output volume into low impedance headphones • Phantom power for condenser mics.
USB Duet includes a single connection with two included cables, providing connectivity to either a USB port on your Mac or to a 30-pin connection on your iPad/iOS device. Connection to iOS devices with Apple’s Lightning connector requires Apple’s Lightning to 30- pin adapter. Sold separately.
This will appear on the OLED if the external power is necessary with Mac If you have Duet set at a reasonable volume, you are not drawing a significant amount of power over the USB bus and will be able to connect any microphones that require phantom power. When you are using low-impedance headphones and your volume is very high, you are drawing more power over the USB bus and may need the AC adaptor to use power-hungry condenser mics. When connected to an iPad, iPod Touch, or iPhone, the DC power supply for Duet MUST be used. Duet will charge your iPad while you record so your work will not be interrupted.